GC joins hands with National Identification Registry

A daylong forum was concluded over the weekend involving the collaboration with the National Identification Registry (NIR) and Governance Commission (GC). The meeting was conducted urging government ministries and agencies to make a collaborative effort to synchronize the national ID database for National Biometric Identification Systems (NBIS).

 The government was looking for such a concrete and secure database for a long time. But, the latest synchronized NBIS is a step-up from just a secure database as it can simplify the efforts of GC for many applications. It is said that the synchronized database can enhance the national ID records system of Liberia.

This new system is aimed at incorporating various numbering systems related to citizens for social security. Besides, It can fasten up the identification of citizens and residents of the country to a whole new level.

Not only this, the system can be a boon to Liberia by cutting down costs related to the voter’s registration in the electoral processes. GC also claims to reduce the cost associated with the multi-year census to a great extent due to the synchronized database.

Officer-in-charge Hon. Elizabeth Dorkin spoke on behalf of GC as “there is certainly a need for the government to fasten the anticipation of synchronized Biometric ID card system”. As the modern system will synchronize different number systems into NIR, it can accomplish multiple activities mainly the electoral system.

Well, the need for such an upgraded modern system was well explained by Hon. Teah Nagbe he said, “ the meeting was a necessity for Libra as we are currently lacking behind the rest of the world when it comes to biometry issue”. He then calls on every Liberian citizen to move their nation forward in a modern and simplified path.

As per Hon. Nagbe, “this can be done by bringing the major renowned stakeholders to support their efforts and take Liberia a step forward”. Bringing the entire country under one database with every detail required for major events around the country is surely a great step and is well appreciated by everyone.

Well, being a major step towards digitization, GC and NIR surely require the support of every institution. Thus Hon. Nagbe called out for the establishment of a rigid roadmap that can lead the way to the destination dreamt of. Well, GC seems to have good expectations on how the future of the country with a single database can be.

The biometric systems also have the potential to bring in the opportunity of education, and farming activities under one roof. By doing this, GC can supply the nation with many more favorable schemes to uplift the economy to a better stage.

Furthermore, both GC and NIR are seeking the involvement and support of the Political parties, PUL, civil society groups, and development partners so that the entire formulation for a roadmap can ease up quickly.

However, the collaborating parties also announced that a technical team will be allotted with the members of NIR and GC. The main task for the team will be to draft plans within a month which involves bringing in the key stakeholders to discuss the plan. Thus, the plan for the entire strategy formulation is on the best flow.

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