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GC Praised Government and Partners for the Fight against Substance Abuse

The Acting Executive Director of the Governance Commission, Madam Cecelia N. Flomo, has praised government and its partners for their immense contributions to the fight against emerging threats posed by the circumstances surrounding alarming substance abuse incidents in the country.

She said existing effort made is critical in enabling our country Liberia to sustain the peace that will definitely lead to economic viability.

She indicated that low formal and vocational education as well as the consequential lack of employment opportunities have staggering effect of idleness and non-engagement on drug users.  However, it was better late than never for the government and development partners to institute programs aimed at rehabilitating drug users for ... [Read more]

Label Illicit Substance Trafficking as Non-Billable Offense

Commissioner George W. Howe, Jr. called on policymakers to label illicit substance trafficking as non-billable offense; and warned that substance abuse is rapidly becoming controversial and problematic in the Liberian society.

Commissioner Howe stressed that “as we find ourselves at this point in our country’s path to economic growth, peace and sustainable developm...[ Read more ]

GC Wants Tougher Policy on Substance Abuse

The Officer-In-Charge of the Governance Commission, Commissioner Elizabeth Dorkin, has expressed serious concern over the increased wave of substance abuse in the country. She alarmed that the situation has reached crisis level as a result of decades of abuse, particularly amongst the youth.


Commissioner Dorkin emphasized that illicit substance abuse pos...[ Read more ]

Presenter Calls for Review of Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Mandate

The dialogue third presenter, Mr. Marcus Gipply presented on behalf of Hon. Marcus D. Zehyoue of LDEA. He reiterated that the mandate of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency needed to be reviewed. He pointed out that rehabilitation and enforcement must be critically looked at in the review process of the law. He mentioned, Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency has a rehabilitation function but it is...[ Read more ]

LNP Legal Counsel Peter Kpannah Calls on Government to Amend Drug Law from Billable to Non Billable


The Liberia National Police Legal Counsel Kpannah Peter Kpannah said the LNP is the premier security apparatus in government which is there to protect life and properties. Mr. Kpannah proposed that the drugs laws be amended from Billable to non-Billable offense on grounds. ...[ Read more ]

Enforce ECOWAS Drug Action Plan to address illicit drugs trafficking.


The special representative of the President of ECOWAS Commission in Liberia Irene Wallace said, drugs trafficking organizations have been on the increase using West Africa as a transit point for smuggling large amount of cocaine from South America to Europe. There are indications of increase in substanc...[ Read more ]

Hon. Younquoi wants Drugs Enforcement Agency name changed to Anti-Drugs Agency.

Hon. Larry P. Younquoi , Chairman on Good Governance and Government Reform said that the name given to the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency should be changed to Anti-Drugs Agency. Chairman Younquoi acknowledged that the Governance Commission is always developing good laws but the implementation of the l...[ Read more ]

The Chairman on Internal Affairs at the Liberian Senate Hon. Gbleh-Bo Brown also attended the dialogue and made remarks. Senator Brown informed participants at the dialogue that drugs have permeated the communities of Liberia and the mining fields are among the many places mainly hit.

The Senator stressed that high percentage of our youthful population in cities and the counties are hea...[ Read more ]

Representing the first Lady of the Republic of Liberia Madam Clara Weah, was Mr. Arthur Douglas, Communication focal person. On behalf of Madam Weah, he expressed appreciation to the Governance Commission for its farsightedness in organizing this important dialogue. Noted, the First Lady was concerned about substance abuse and the effect on the Liberian economy.

Mr. Douglas said, Substa...[ Read more ]

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