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GC holds Stakeholder Forum on AGR Instruments

The Governance Commission held a one day Stakeholders’ Forum on the methodology prescribed by the Commission on its soon to release latest Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Emerging Illicit Substance Abuse for 2021.

The Tuesday, January 12th meeting was the first of several consultations expected to take place between the Commission and its partners at the preparatory state and to acquaint stakeholders with their roles in conducting the research on the government assessment program for the year 2020/2021 which will cover the Emerging Illicit Substance Abuse crises.  

The meeting purposely reviewed the instrument on information gathering that includes the questionnaire prepared to... [Read more]

GC collaborates with the National Identification Registry for Synchronized Biometric system.

The Governance Commission on Thursday January 14, 2021 had a collaborative meeting with the National Identification Registry aimed at constructing a synchronized Liberia’s Biometric System to enhance easy access and save cost on electoral expenditure.

[ Read more ]

USAID/LEGIT turned over Knowledge materials to Governance Commission

The Chief of Party of LEGIT/ DAI Mr. Gabriel Abraham, heading a LEGIT/ DAI delegation on Friday, January 15, 2021 donated a huge concernment of Knowledge products in both hard and soft copies to the Governance Commission for used in the Governance and Decentralization Resource Center.[ Read more ]

LEGIT/DAI New Chief Of Party Pay Courtesy Call On GC's Board of Commissione

(Monrovia, December 17, 2020) The new chief of Party of LEGIT/ DAI Mr. Gabriel Abraham, today paid a courtesy call on the Board of Commissioners of the Governance Commission for acquaintance and to further strengthen collaboration between LEGIT/ DAI and the Commission.

Mr. Abraham visit is in accordance with existing working relationship between the two institutions. In a brief remarks,...[ Read more ]

GC Praised Government and Partners for the Fight against Substance Abuse

The Acting Executive Director of the Governance Commission, Madam Cecelia N. Flomo, has praised government and its partners for their immense contributions to the fight against emerging threats posed by the circumstances surrounding alarming substance abuse incidents in the country.

She said existing effort made is critical in enabling our country Liberia to sustain the...[ Read more ]

Label Illicit Substance Trafficking as Non-Billable Offense

Commissioner George W. Howe, Jr. called on policymakers to label illicit substance trafficking as non-billable offense; and warned that substance abuse is rapidly becoming controversial and problematic in the Liberian society.

Commissioner Howe stressed that “as we find ourselves at this point in our country’s path to economic growth, peace and sustainable developm...[ Read more ]

GC Wants Tougher Policy on Substance Abuse

The Officer-In-Charge of the Governance Commission, Commissioner Elizabeth Dorkin, has expressed serious concern over the increased wave of substance abuse in the country. She alarmed that the situation has reached crisis level as a result of decades of abuse, particularly amongst the youth.


Commissioner Dorkin emphasized that illicit substance abuse pos...[ Read more ]

Presenter Calls for Review of Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Mandate

The dialogue third presenter, Mr. Marcus Gipply presented on behalf of Hon. Marcus D. Zehyoue of LDEA. He reiterated that the mandate of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency needed to be reviewed. He pointed out that rehabilitation and enforcement must be critically looked at in the review process of the law. He mentioned, Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency has a rehabilitation function but it is...[ Read more ]

LNP Legal Counsel Peter Kpannah Calls on Government to Amend Drug Law from Billable to Non Billable


The Liberia National Police Legal Counsel Kpannah Peter Kpannah said the LNP is the premier security apparatus in government which is there to protect life and properties. Mr. Kpannah proposed that the drugs laws be amended from Billable to non-Billable offense on grounds. ...[ Read more ]

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