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GC Highlights Transitional Governance Challenges in Liberia

The Governance Commission (GC) has been discussing “Select Transitional Governance Challenges Addressed in the Context of the Statement of Mutual Commitment (SMC) Priorities” with both government and international partners. The Commission, in August, made a presentation at the Cabinet (August 9, 2016), and has held similar discussions with selected Ministries, Agencies and Commissions (MACs), Lawmakers and UN related organizations.

Governance Commission heads the fourth pillar of Government’s Agenda for Transformation (AFT Pillar IV). In his discussion at that Cabinet/Liberia Development Alliance meeting, GC’s Chairman Dr. Amos Sawyer... [Read more]

Deputy Speaker Promises GC the Passage of Draft Acts currently Before the HOR

The Deputy Speaker and Presiding Officer of the House of Representatives (HOR) has assured the Governance Commission (GC) of the passage of the Local Government Act (LGA), and other milestone pieces of legislation before the end of the current legislative session. Deputy Speaker Barchue gave t...[ Read more ]

VP Boakai to Champion Governance Reform at the Legislature

Vice President Joseph Boakai has pledged to champion the passage of 4 pieces of legislation which are among milestone accomplishments of this administration, and foundations upon which future governments can build.  

The 4 draft Acts to be championed by the Vice President at the Legislature include:...[ Read more ]

Strengthening Social Cohesion in Sinoe County

The scale of violent uprisings in Liberia’s concession areas is becoming alarming with fights between Concessions and communities on one hand over land related issues, and community benefits from investment opportunities and inter-community struggle over land boundaries/ownership/tenure on the other. A sustained proces...[ Read more ]

Excerpts from the GOL – CSO Partnership Policy and Accord

The Liberian Government has signed a partnership agreement named the “GOL- CSO Accord: A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Liberia and Civil Society

Organizations”, accompanied by a GOL-CSO Partnership Policy. The Accord focuses on critical commitments of both Liberia...[ Read more ]

Muslim Community Celebrates Ramadan with GC

The Muslim Community on June 6, 2016 visited the Governance Commission as part of its Ramadan celebration. The group included senior Islamic clerics including Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh, Commissioner Soko Sackor of the Constitution Reform Committee, CRC, two Lawmakers, and Imams, entrepreneurs and the National Mandi...[ Read more ]

Finance Minister Boima Kamara Pays Acquaintance Visit to GC

The Minister for Finance and Development Planning paid the Governance Commission an acquaintance visit on Monday July 11. Too often the public, including those working in the public sector, complain of not knowing much about the works of the GC. And so the Commission was glad that the Minister took interest in ...[ Read more ]

Commissioner Elizabeth Sele Mulbah Addresses NARDA Assembly on June 10, 2016

Governance Commission Vice Chair Madam Elizabeth Mulbah has called for the establishment of effective governance, management and accountability structures in Liberia that will, among other things, access secured funding to enhance civil society organizations (CSOs) ability to freely and constru...[ Read more ]

LACC says NIF is on the Brink of Collapse - Blames Members

The National Integrity Forum (NIF) of Liberia is at the verge of total collapse if nothing is immediately done to resuscitate that integrity institution. The Chairman of LACC - the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Cllr. James Verdier observed that the NIF is expressing strangulation and imminent death due to l...[ Read more ]

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