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Governance Commission presents complimentary copies of the LGA to Legislatu

The Governance Commission on October 3, 2019, completed a series of courtesy calls on Leaders and members of the national Legislature, the Senate Pro-Tempore, Honorable Albert Chie and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honorable Bhofal Chambers, during which time complimentary copies of the Local Government Act (LGA) of the Republic of Liberia were presented by Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwabudik...Read More

Minister Sonii Supports GC’s National Curriculum on Citizenship Education

Education Minister Dr. Ansu Sonii has reemphasized the need for civics to be taught in all schools in Liberia and supports the Governance Commission’s development of a National Curriculum on Citizenship Education.

The Commission in July 201...Read More

Farmington River Declaration document presented to the National Archives

The Peace and Mediation Committee has presented an original copy of the Farmington River Declaration to the Center for National Document and Record Agency (CENDRA).  Bishop Jonathan BB Hart made the presentation on Monday January 15, 2017 to CENDRA’s...Read More

GOL, UNDP and Partners Strategize 2018-2020 Transition Plan for Liberia 

The Liberian Government (GOL), the UNDP and other development Partners have been holding a number of consultations in the wake of the country’s triple transition. The strategic plan prioritizes six key t...Read More

Panelists Discuss Successes and Challenges of October Elections

Following the October 10, 2017 national elections, the Governance Commission held a Roundtable on the theme “Elections and Security” to assess successes and challenges of the polls and lessons learned. A number of elections-related disputes erupted after the...Read More

The State of the Liberian Economy  

The President of the Liberian Bankers Association and President of LBDI, John Davies says the Liberian economy is plagued with numerous challenges that need urgent interventions.

Mr. Davis noted that the Liberian economy relies heavily on the extractive industry with the agriculture sector playing very minimal role in the process. Liberia still relies on rubber, iron ore, gold and diasp...Read More

Liberian Economist Wants Government to Reduce Spending on Cars and Rents

Liberian Economist Wants Government to Reduce Spending on Cars and Rents  

Economic Consultant Yanqui Zaza wants the next administration to reduce expenditure on the purchasing and maintenance of cars for government officials. Mr. Zaza recommended that Government should consider purchasing Bajaj or inexpensive and low mai...Read More

Liberian Economist Wants Government to Reduce Spending on Cars and Rents

Economic Consultant Yanqui Zaza wants the next administration to reduce expenditure on the purchasing and maintenance of cars for government officials. Mr. Zaza recommended that Government should consider purchasing Bajaj or inexpensive and low maintenance vehicles for its official uses.

Mr. Zaza’s remarks formed part of his presentation at the Governance Commission’s Policy...Read More

Experts Call for Reforming Liberia’s Health and Education Sectors

In the wake of the October 10, 2017 presidential and Legislative elections, the Governance Commission (GC) held a three – part serial discussions/fora to enlighten the public on civic education. The Commission believed that such voter education was necessa...Read More

G C Observes October 10, 2017 National Elections, Run-Off Delayed

The October 10 Presidential and Representative elections have come and gone with a Run – off presidential elections slated for November 7, 2017 between Unity Party Joseph Boakai and Coalition for Democratic Change George Weah. Weah obtained 38.4% while Boakai re...Read More

Liberia Urged to Graduate From Subsistence Farming

The West Africa Regional Fisheries Project Coordinator Yevewuo Subah wants Liberia to graduate from subsistence to mechanic farming to ensure food sufficiency in Liberia.

Mr. Subah noted that 70% of Liberians depend on agricultural livelihoods. Most Liberian farmers are poor...Read More

FDA Empowers 15 communities to Manage over 150,000 hectares of Land

The Forestry Development Authority, FDA, says it has empowered 15 communities to manage over one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) hectares of forest land as a means of enhancing food security and reducing poverty.

This action forms part of the government...Read More

GC and Partners hold Pre-Campaign Cocktail for Political Party Leaders

A pre-campaign Cocktail event for political party leaders on deepening commitment to peaceful and violence – free elections in Liberia took place on July 27, 2017 at the Boulevard Palace Hotel in Sinkor. The program brought together standard bearer, vice standard bearer, chairman, and women win...Read More

GC Holds Stakeholders’ Forum on AGR Recommendations

The Governance Commission held a one day Stakeholders’ Forum on the “methodology for political parties’ debates” as prescribed by the Commission’s latest Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Liberia’s Electoral System released in June 2017.

The meeting took place at the Co...Read More

Liberia and EU delegates Discuss Consolidating Peace and Development

The Liberian Government and the European Union on June 8, 2017 held its fifth Political dialogue under the theme “Consolidating Peace and Economic Development” at the Cecil Dennis Auditorium of the Foreign Ministry. The meeting was Co-chair by Liberia’s Foreign Affai...Read More

Twenty Political Parties Sign Farmington River Declaration

Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two political parties have signed on to what is now called “the Farmington River Declaration”, committing themselves to the holding of peaceful elections and judicial resolution of election disputes in Liberia.

ECOWAS and other world leaders witnessed the sign...Read More

Liberia Launches Home-Grown School Feeding Program

Liberia has launched its zero hunger strategic review report and is about to initiate its home-grown school feeding program. Under the Home – Grown School Feeding program, government will introduce mechanize farming in Liberia to help local farmers grow and produce more food, ...Read More


Major Political Party Leaders Attend National Political Forum

Amidst months of political wrangling in Liberia as to the certain provisions of the Code of Conduct and the holding of a peaceful democratic process and elections in Liberia, the Government in collaboration with its local and international partners have been working closely with political part...Read More

Liberians Reminded about their Democratic Responsibility to Country

The Chairman of the Governance Commission, Dr Amos Sawyer, has reminded Liberians about our responsibility to ensure that the October 10 elections are peaceful and violence-free, and enshrine peaceful transitions as a part of our governance culture.  Dr.  Sawyer noted that Liberians have the o...Read More

Governance Commission Releases Finalized Copy of its AGR on Elections

The Governance Commission has released the finalized copy of its Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Elections urging political parties, candidates and stakeholders to strengthen commitment to peaceful, violence-free elections through solemn declaration, and commitment to an ethical code of...Read More

GC Holds TOT Workshop for National Vision Youth Club.

The Governance Commission has held the first in a series of Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop for Liberia’s National Vision Clubs. The workshop brought together 30 participants from 26 of the youth organizations that participated in the 2012 National Vision Conference held in Gbarnga Bong County. These organi...Read More

Presentation on Open Government Partnership in Liberia: Sustaining the Momentum and Changing Lives With focus on Institutionalization for Sustainability At the C. Cecil Denis Auditorium Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA

By Janet Johnson on 4/12/17

Dist...Read More


Liberia’s Transformation Agenda Inseparable From That of the Africa

Governance Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Amos Sawyer says the success of Liberia’s Transformation depends on its tra...Read More

Stakeholders Validate GC Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Elections

The Governance Commissions on Thursday March 9, 2017 held a public presentation on its draft Annual Governance Report (AGR) in anticipation for inputs from stakeholders. The draft AGR on Liberia’s Electoral System includes draft recommendations to assure that...Read More

Women sign Communiqué Calling for the Advancement of Women and Girls

Women of Liberia have called on government and other leaders to prioritize gender equality in Liberia. In the Communiqué released at the climax of the International Women Day celebrations in Paynesville, the women, among other things, urged government...Read More

LIPA Graduates 453 Professionals Including 10 from GC

Ten employees of Governance Commission completed a two – month intensive training in seven of the ten disciplines at the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) on January 27, 2017. The ten GC employees were among 453 professional staff nominated by their respecti...Read More

Sawyer Heads ECOWAS Elections Observer Mission to Ghana

The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, fielded an Election Observer Mission to Ghana to monitor elections in that country.  Dr. Amos Sawyer headed the one hundred (100) member Team drawn from across West Africa and consisting of members of all of ECOWAS Par...Read More

Yale Law Students discuss Report on Concession Reform for Liberia

The Governance Commission on Wednesday January 11, 2017 held a stakeholders validation meeting to discuss a report titled “Governance of Agricultural Concessions in Liberia: Analysis and Discussion of Possible Reforms. The meeting w...Read More

Cape Verde Hosts Regional Conference on Transfer of Executive Power

As you may know by now, Cape Verde recently hosted a sub-regional Conference geared toward assuring the smooth democratic transfer of ”Executive power” in Africa. A number of countries, over the years (particularly since the last forty years) have held national democratic elections which int...Read More

Civil Society and Donors/Partners Pledge support to GC Programs

There have been numerous comments as to the actual works of the Governance Commission though much has been done by the Commission to engage the public in its work activities. The Commission recently held an Open House event inviting its major and prospective partners, civil society including the media, rele...Read More

GC Prioritizes Security, Elections and Transition Issues


The Governance Commission (GC) has disclosed to its donors three priority areas it plans to focus on within the next two years. The Commission identified its two- year (2016-2018) areas of focus to include:

  1. Security (in the phase of UNMIL drawdown);
  2. The 2017 Electoral proces...Read More

GC Highlights Transitional Governance Challenges in Liberia

The Governance Commission (GC) has been discussing “Select Transitional Governance Challenges Addressed in the Context of the Statement of Mutual Commitment (SMC) Priorities” with both government and international partners. The Commission, in August, made a pres...Read More

VP Boakai to Champion Governance Reform at the Legislature

Vice President Joseph Boakai has pledged to champion the passage of 4 pieces of legislation which are among milestone accomplishments of this administration, and foundations upon which future governments can build.  

The 4 draft Acts to be championed by the Vice President at the Legislature include:...Read More

Strengthening Social Cohesion in Sinoe County

The scale of violent uprisings in Liberia’s concession areas is becoming alarming with fights between Concessions and communities on one hand over land related issues, and community benefits from investment opportunities and inter-community struggle over land boundaries/ownership/tenure on the other. A sustained proces...Read More

Excerpts from the GOL – CSO Partnership Policy and Accord

The Liberian Government has signed a partnership agreement named the “GOL- CSO Accord: A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Liberia and Civil Society

Organizations”, accompanied by a GOL-CSO Partnership Policy. The Accord focuses on critical commitments of both Liberia...Read More

Finance Minister Boima Kamara Pays Acquaintance Visit to GC

The Minister for Finance and Development Planning paid the Governance Commission an acquaintance visit on Monday July 11. Too often the public, including those working in the public sector, complain of not knowing much about the works of the GC. And so the Commission was glad that the Minister took interest in ...Read More

Muslim Community Celebrates Ramadan with GC

The Muslim Community on June 6, 2016 visited the Governance Commission as part of its Ramadan celebration. The group included senior Islamic clerics including Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh, Commissioner Soko Sackor of the Constitution Reform Committee, CRC, two Lawmakers, and Imams, entrepreneurs and the National Mandi...Read More

Commissioner Elizabeth Sele Mulbah Addresses NARDA Assembly on June 10, 2016

Governance Commission Vice Chair Madam Elizabeth Mulbah has called for the establishment of effective governance, management and accountability structures in Liberia that will, among other things, access secured funding to enhance civil society organizations (CSOs) ability to freely and constru...Read More

LACC says NIF is on the Brink of Collapse - Blames Members

The National Integrity Forum (NIF) of Liberia is at the verge of total collapse if nothing is immediately done to resuscitate that integrity institution. The Chairman of LACC - the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Cllr. James Verdier observed that the NIF is expressing strangulation and imminent death due to l...Read More

GC holds National Conference for Political Parties

The Governance Commission held a two day Conference for Political Parties on decentralization in Buchanan Grand Bassa County from June 8-9 2016. Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two registered political parties, donors and partners graced the occasion.

During the conference’s opening ceremony on Day one, G...Read More

A Joint Resolution Adopted By Political Parties on Decentralization and Local Governance Reforms in Liberia

The Governance Commission held a two day Conference for Political Parties on decentralization in Buchanan Grand Bassa County from June 8-9 2016. Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two registered political parties, donors and pa...Read More


Governance Commission’s Chairman Dr. Amos C. Sawyer wants heads of Ministries, Agencies and Commissions to develop vested interest in both the job description catalogue and the performance management manual developed by the Civil Service Agency with support from USAID-GEMs to enhance...Read More

USAID-GEMS Turns over Documents to GC to form Part of its Repository

The United States Agency for International Development’s Government Economic Management Support project commonly known as USAID-GEMS is rounding up its operations in Liberia. USAID-GEMS-Liberia, a government partnership arrangement, has been very instrumental in providing capacity building suppor...Read More

LSEI implements World Bank project in Collaboration with GC to train CSOs

The Liberia Social Enterprise Incubator (LSEI), an initiative to assess and build capacity for social enterprise (SE) innovation in Liberia, has completed a two day training workshop (May 25-26, 2016) for Civil Society Organizations in this Country. The training was held under the theme “The...Read More

National Development Summit: An Evaluation of National Vision 2030 & the AFT Midterm Review

The National Development Summit was held on April 25, 2016 at the Administrative Building in Gbarnga Bong County. The Summit’s theme was “Liberia Rising 2030: Taking stock of a shared vision, and Mid-Term Review of the AFT ”,Read More

Governance Commission Discusses New Strategic Plan 2016-2021:Making GC more relevant in the face of 2017 Elections and Transition

The Governance Commission recently held a three day retreat at the Thinker’s Village Hotel (April 13-15, 2016) to discuss the implementation of its first 2 years of the new five-year Strategic Plan (2016-2021). The Commission’s ne...Read More

Mainstreaming Natural Resource Governance in Liberia

A Liberian specialist in Natural Resource Governance Mr. Konah Karmo has identified a number of gaps within the current legal framework which need to be bridged in order for Liberia to achieve what he calls “impact-driven resource governance process”. Mr. Karmo noted t...Read More

GC Holds Policy Dialogue on “Enhancing Citizens’ Access to Services"

The Governance Commission on April 27, 2016 hosted a one-day policy dialogue under the theme “Enhancing Citizens’ Access to Government Services: Lessons from the Grand Bassa County Service Center.” 

The po...Read More

ILO and UN Women hold Training on Gender Mainstreaming in Italy

The International Labor Organization (ILO) in collaboration with the United Nations (UN) Women in November 2015 held a two-week training at the Gender Academy 2015 Exchange Event on Gender, work and development in Italy. The training ran from November 16 – 27, 2015 on the theme “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for Sustainable Development. The World Conference held Sept...Read More

Liberian Women put forth Names of Vice Presidential Nominees

The United Nations on May 8, 1977 passed a resolution to observe International Women Day in recognition of the numerous achievements and sacrifices women had and continue to make as custodians of global peace, justice, happiness and development. In observance of this year’s celebrations under the national theme “Pledge for parity by 2030: Step it up for gender equity”, the wom...Read More

NPA Managing Director urges Women to Prioritize Education

Women of Liberia celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016 with the usual pomp and pageantry. This years’ program was held in Buchanan Grand Bassa County under the national theme “Pledge for parity by 2030: Step it up for gender equity”. The Global theme was Read More

South African and Indian Ambassadors Pledge Support to GC

South African Ambassador Masilo Mabeta and Indian Ambassador Dinesh Bhatia have pledged their Countries support to the Governance Commission. In two separate visits to the Commission, on February 15, 2016, Ambassador Mabeta expressed his government’s interest in human capacity building training programs, and promised to collaborate with the Governance Commission,...Read More

Sawyer leads ECOWAS Mission to observe Niger's Election

The Chairman of the Governance Commission and former Liberian Interim President Prof. Amos Sawyer has successfully led an ECOWAS Electoral Observation Mission to the Nigerien 2016 Presidential and Legislative Elections. In a preliminary statement of the Mission, Prof. Sawyer declared that the elections were conducted in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and the Nigerien people demonstrated high le...Read More

GC Honors Its Strategic Plan Consultant Don Wheeler

The Governance Commission (GC) recently honored the Consultant on its Strategic Plan for the next five years (2016-2021). Mr. Don Wheeler was contracted under a USAID-GEMS/GC partnership agreement. His contract recently ended and as a mark of appreciation for a job well done, GC held a little “gowning ceremony” in Wheeler’s honor.
Members of GC’s Board of Commission...
Read More

Swedish Ambassador Visits Governance Commission

The Governance Commission has been holding discussions with a number of its donors, international and national partners as it works the Commission’s new 5 year Strategic Plan. One of such donors is Sweden. Swedish Ambassador accredited to Liberia Madam Lena Nordstrom on Thursday, January 14, 2016 led a delegation to pay an acquaintance visit to the Governance Commission.
The Swedish...
Read More

NEC to work with Partners to Provide Timely Civic and Voter Education

Liberians will in 2017 hold historical presidential and district elections. The presidential election is described as historic because it will witness the incumbent president not being a candidate, and the possibility of the winner of that election coming from the opposition. It will also witness the transitioning from one living president to another, something that has not happened in Liberia ...Read More

GC holds Policy dialogue on Entrepreneurship

GC Policy dialogue on Entrepreneurship

Observers have often wondered why Liberians have difficulties sustaining their businesses or playing major roles in the economy of this country. Most often Liberians are accused of rarely paying off bank loans and therefore find it difficult obtaining loans. While national efforts are being made to ensure that Liberia reaches a mid...Read More

Dr. Sawyer Addresses Nigeria’s 2016 Annual National Political Summit

Dr. Amos Sawyer, on Monday January 25, 2016 addressed Nigeria’s 2016 Annual National Political Summit, discussing the theme “Building Positive Political Culture for Sustaining Democracy in Africa: The Case of Nigeria”. The Summit was graced by three West African Presidents incl...Read More

GC and others Advocate Amendment of 1989 Law Creating Higher Education Comm

The Governance Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) have been consulting on the need to amend the 1989 Act establishing the National Commission on Higher Education. GC spearheaded the holding of a Policy Dialogue on Wednesday January 20, 2016 at the Bella Casa Hotel in Sinkor on the issue. The consultative meeting brou...Read More

Minister Konneh Propagates Support for Vision 2030

The Governance Commission and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Afairs, a little over three years ago (December 12, 2012),sponsored a National Vision Conference in Gbarnga Bong County, under the aegis of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, with the intention of bringing Liberians together to inclusively participate in discussions pertaining to Liberia’s future. The Conference marked a ne...Read More

Governance Commission Honors 6 Employees, and 1 Commissioner

The Governance Commission recently honored 6(six) of its employeesand one (1) Commissioner that graduated from colleges/universities during the course of 2015. Five of the seven graduated from national universities and two from foreign institutions.
The six GC employees include:
1. Younger Johnson-Nah graduated with MBA in Human Resources from the University of Liberia.
Read More

Sawyer Addresses LU 96thCommencement Convocation: Advocates Reform for Graduate Programs

It is no secret that the University of Liberia is in dire need of transformation if it is to compete or be compared to other universities internationally. It can be recalled that in the 1970s and 1980s, students from outside Liberia came to this country to study at the Un...Read More

GC, CSA, LIPA hold Seminar for Human Resource Directors from 19 MACs

The Governance Commission (GC), in collaboration with the Liberia Institute for Public Administration (LIPA) and the Civil Service Agency (CSA) held a one day orientation/training seminar on “the Role of Human Resource Directors in the Public Sector Reform Process” (on Dece...Read More

Political Parties Propose Solutions to Election Disputes in Liberia

Opposition political parties have always complained against the National Elections Commission, accusing the Commission of election malpractices. Such malpractices include but not limited to vote rigging, election magistrates receiving bribes and influencing the voting process, and ballot box stuffing. Complaints a...Read More

GC Researches Liberia National Police Relationship with Civilians

The Governance Commission, GC, has completed a research on the “United Nations Training of the Liberia National Police: Effectiveness, Results and Future Implications”, implemented by the United Nations Mission in Liberia, UNMIL. The research takes a microscopic look at the relationship betwee...Read More

Electoral Dispute Resolution: Implications for Smooth Democratic Transition

The Governance Commission on Thursday November 19, 2015 held a Policy Dialogue at the Bella Casa Hotel and Suites in Sinkor on the topic Electoral Dispute Resolution: Implications for a Smooth Demo...Read More

The Need to Review the Logic of Prioritizing the “Hardware” of the AFT over the “Software”

There is a widely known prioritization of the programs of the Agenda for Transformation, AFT, which gives top priority to the building of roads, bridges, dams, ports and power---the hardware, such that governance and human capacity building programs (which...Read More

On Christian State debate, Sawyer challenges Critics

Dr Sawyer has challenged critics to show proof that the 1847 Constitution declared Liberia a Christian State.  He told reporters at a MICAT press briefing on August 20, 2015 that this issue, being one highly contentious, should be handled with care. It can be recalled that declaring Li...Read More

Lawmakers and others Debate County Development Fund (CDF)

The Governance Commission recently held a Roundtable on the relevance/importance of County Development Fund. The roundtable was held on Friday August 21, 2015 at the James Fromoyan Hall at the National Elections Commission in Sinkor. The event was graced by legislators from both houses...Read More

National Symbols Review Project supports National Identity

Former Ambassador and current Chairman of the National Symbols Review Project Advisory Board, Wesley Johnson says the National Symbols Review Project will ensure national identity but the project is in dire need of funding. The Symbols Review Project is a sem...Read More

Vision Statement

Read More

President Sirleaf Launches National Curriculum on Citizenship Education

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Monday August 24, 2015 launched the National Curriculum on Citizenship Education for Grades One through Twelve at the Centillion Pavilion on Ashmun Street.The National Curriculum on Citizenship Education is a project of the Strateg...Read More

Empowering Local Businesses as Engines for Growth

Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. a young Liberian economist is recommending that government develops a private sector policy and implementation framework that brings together the Government, donors, the private sector and civil society that assures economic empowerment of Liberia’s small business entrepreneur...Read More

Justice Kabineh Ja’neh Highlights Pitfalls in Liberia’s Justice System

Many have, overtime, criticized Liberia’s Justice System sometimes describing it as weak, corrupt, unfair, and at time for sale to the highest bidder. The latest criticism comes from one of its own – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Bench, Kabineh Ja’neh.

H...Read More


President Sirleaf Writes the Senate Commenting on the CRC Report

Read More

GC Galvanizes Efforts to Improve Interactions with Lawmakers

Overtime, the Governance Commission has been interacting with the Liberian Legislature in efforts to enhance understanding of the GC’s work and to galvanize support for the enactment of major bills that can only become laws with legislative approval. Since the beginning of the Legislative term in January...Read More

The Governance Commission on May 28, 2015, conducted a one-day workshop on the National Code of Conduct for local county officials in Tubmanburg, Bomi County to create awareness and its implementation throughout Liberia. The Code of Conduct, among other things, highlights the setting up of standards to maintain dignity at the work p...
Read More

GC holds Policy Dialogue on  “Mainstreaming Transparency and Accountability”

The Governance Commission on Tuesday April 28, 2015 held a one day Policy Dialogue on “Mainstreaming Transparency and Accountability in the Deconcentration Framework”.  The Dialogue was held in the James Fromoyan Conference room of the National...Read More


The Governance Commission, In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), held a Policy Dialogue and launch of its study on “Reaching the Middle Income Country Goal: The Human Capacity ...Read More

Panelists at High Level Roundtable debate Dual Currency

Concerns have been raised regarding the fluctuating foreign exchange rate between the United States and Liberian dollars with the latter seen to be very weak. Liberian petty traders and entrepreneurs continuously complain about constant losses in profits as a result of the unparalleled and fluctuating foreign exchange rate on the Liberian market. Several discussions among citizens have been tak...Read More

Vice President Joseph Boakai Moderates Anti-Corruption Roundtable

Vice President Joseph Boakai recently moderated a high level Assessment Roundtable on Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Strategy organized by the Governance Commission. The Roundtable was to help provide a forum for public discussion on promoting integrity rather than merely fighting corruption in Liberia. Integrity is seen as cardinal in moving Liberia forward. The R...Read More

Overview of National Constitution Conference in Gbarnga

The National Conference on Constitution Review was held at the Administrative Building from March 30-April2, 2015 in Gbarnga Bong County. The Conference was organized by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC), in collaboration with the Law Reform Commission (LRC), and the Governance Co...Read More

GC Ends Capacity Building workshop in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County

The Governance Commission, GC, has completed a three-dayworkshop(April 23-25, 2015)             to provide training that supports capacity building of Civil Society Organizations, (CSOs), including Women and Youth groups to strengthen their participation in the decentralization process.The Capacity building...Read More

GC turns over Draft 2030 National Vision Documents to CENDRA

The Governance Commission on Wednesday May 6, 2015 submitted several draft documents to the Center for National Documents and Records Agency, CENDRA, for safe keeping. The program took place at the office in Sinkor. The documents presented are all related to the historical three day National Vision Conference held in Gbarnga, Bong Co...Read More

Dr. Sawyer Proposes PAO and scrapping of Assistant Ministers positions

In an effort at public sector reform (to down size and right size Liberia’s bloated government), the Chairman of the Governance Commission, Dr. Amos Sawyer, has recommended the elimination of Assistant Ministerial positions in government Ministries. Dr. Sawyer also recommended the establishment of the Principal Administrative office, PAO, as one of the next steps in enhancing the professi...Read More

President Sirleaf launches National Deconcentration Platform

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Wednesday February 18, 2015 launched the National Deconcentration Platform in Salala Bong County. The program was graced by high level government officials including representatives of the National Legislature and Cabinet Ministers, the Doyen and members of the Diplomatic Corps, heads of national and international non-governmental organizations and donor partn...Read More

 Land Commission Chair wants Constitution strengthened to support Land Reform

The Governance Commission, in December 2014, held a Roundtable on Land Rights and Constitution Review to bring to the core numerous concerns related to “land” in Liberia. The issue of land has always reigned high among complex concerns in Liberia but the country lacked a holis...Read More

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