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July 2017 SYNERGY

A pre-campaign Cocktail event for political party leaders on deepening commitment to peaceful and violence – free elections in Liberia took place on July 27, 2017 at the Boulevard Palace Hotel in Sinkor. The program brought together standard bearer, vice standard bearer, chairman, and women wing leader of political parties, and representatives from civil society organizations. July

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June 2017 SYNERGY

Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two political parties have signed on to what is now called “the Farmington River Declaration”, committing themselves to the holding of peaceful elections and judicial resolution of election disputes in Liberia.

ECOWAS and other world leaders witnessed the signing of the Declaration during the ECOWAS Summit held on Sunday June 4, 2017 at the Farmington River Hotel in Margibi County.

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May 2017 Synergy

The Governance Commission has released the finalized copy of its Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Elections urging political parties, candidates and stakeholders to strengthen commitment to peaceful, violence-free elections through solemn declaration, and commitment to an ethical code of conduct.


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April 2017 Synergy

The Governance Commission has held the first in a series of Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop for Liberia’s National Vision Clubs. The workshop brought together 30 participants from 26 of the youth organizations that participated in the 2012 National Vision Conference held in Gbarnga Bong County. These organizations include universities and political parties’ youth wings among...read more

March 2017 Synergy

Governance Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Amos Sawyer says the success of Liberia’s Transformation depends on its transformation agenda being embedded within the overall transformation agenda of Africa, adding that “the story of Liberia’s transformation must be integrated and inseparable from that of the Continent.”

Since the past twelve (12) years, Liberia has embarked on a tr...read more


The Governance Commissions on Thursday March 9, 2017 held a public presentation/validation on its draft Annual Governance Report (AGR) in anticipation for inputs from stakeholders. The draft AGR on Liberia’s Electoral System was first released to the public for validation on February 27, 2017 and includes recommendations to assure that all players in the 2017 elections understand and agree to the rules of the process, and t...read more

January 2017 Synergy

The Governance Commission on Wednesday January 11, 2017 held a stakeholders validation meeting to discuss a report titled “Governance of Agricultural Concessions in Liberia: Analysis and Discussion of Possible Reforms. The meeting was held in conjunction with the Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Law Clinic of Yale University, the USA. The meeting was held at GC’s office in Sinkor.

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December 2016 Synergy

The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, fielded an Election Observer Mission to Ghana to monitor elections in that country.  Dr. Amos Sawyer headed the one hundred (100) member Team drawn from across West Africa and consisting of members of all of ECOWAS Parliament, the ECOWAS Council of the Wise, and ECOWAS Community Court of Justice. Others represented on t...read more

November 2016 Synergy

As you may know by now, Cape Verde recently hosted a sub-regional Conference geared toward assuring the smooth democratic transfer of ”Executive power” in Africa. A number of countries, over the yea...read more

October 2016 Synergy

The Governance Commission (GC) has disclosed to its donors three priority areas it plans to focus on within the next two years. The Commission identified its two- year (2016-2018) areas of focus to include:

  1. Security (in the phase of UNMIL drawdown);
  2. The 2017 Electoral process (whi...read more

September 2016 Synergy

The Governance Commission (GC) has requested the House of Representatives to pass into law 4 key draft legislations currently before it by the end of this session. In a communication to Presiding Officer Honorable Hans Barchue Tuesday September 6, 2016, GC named the 4 draft legislations yet to be cleared by the House of Representatives to include:

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August 2016 Synergy

The Governance Commission (GC) has been discussing “Select Transitional Governance Challenges Addressed in the Context of the Statement of Mutual Commitment (SMC) Priorities” with both government and ...read more

July 2016 Synergy

The Liberian Government has signed a partnership agreement named the “GOL- CSO Accord: A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Liberia and Civil Society Organizations”, accompanied by...read more

June 2016 Synergy 

The Governance Commission held a two day Conference for Political Parties on decentralization in Buchanan Grand Bassa County from June 8-9 2016. Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two registered political pa...read more

May 2016 Synergy

Governance Commission’s Chairman Dr. Amos C. Sawyer wants heads of Ministries, Agencies and Commissions to develop vested interest in both the job description catalogue and the performance management manual developed by the Civil Service Agency with support from USAID-GEMs to enhance the efficiency of their respective institutions.

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April 2016 Synergy

The National Development Summit was held on April 25, 2016 at the Administrative Building in Gbarnga Bong County. The Summit’s theme was “Liberia Rising 2030: Taking stock o...read more

March Synergy 2016

Women of Liberia celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016 with the usual pomp and pageantry. This years’ program was held in Buchanan Grand Bassa County under the national theme...read more

February 2016 SYNERGY

Liberians will in 2017 hold historical presidential and district elections.  The presidential  election is described as historic because it will witness the incumbent president not being a candidate, and the possibility  of  the  winner  of  that  election  coming  from  the  ...read more

Synergy ( January 2016

Dr. Amos Sawyer, on Monday January 25, 2016 addressed Nigeria’s 2016 Annual National Political Summit, discussing the theme “Building Positive Political Culture for Sustaining Democracy in Africa: The Case of Nigeria”. The Summit was graced by three West African Presidents including that of Nigeria - Muhammad Buhari, President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana and Chair of the Summit, and President Allassane Ouattara of Cote d&rsquo...read more

Synergy (December Edition)

Sawyer Addresses LU 96thCommencement Convocation: Advocates Reform for Graduate Programs

It is no secret that the University of Liberia is in dire need of transformation if it is to compete or be compared to other universities internationally. It can be recalled that in the 1970s and 1980s, students from outside Liberia came to this country to study at the University of Liberia but the civil war years had its toll on this institution, like it did on all oth...read more

SYNERGY (November)

Electoral Dispute Resolution: Implications for Smooth Democratic Transition

The Governance Commission on Thursday November 19, 2015 held a Policy Dialogue at the Bella Casa Hotel and Suites in Sinkor on the topic “Electoral Dispute Resolution: Implications for a Smooth Democratic Transition – Issues for 2017”.Presidential and national elections in Liberia have always been marred by allegations and counter allegations of fraud, vote-rigging, tampering...read more

Synergy (October)

The Need to Review the Logic of Prioritizing the “Hardware” of the AFT over the “Software”

There is a widely known prioritization of the programs of the Agenda for Transformation, AFT, which gives top priority to the building of roads, bridges, dams, ports and power---the hardware, such that governance and human capacity building programs (which are the software) are moved forward at a slower pace. Postponing human capacity development and the ...read more

September 2015 ( Synergy)

GC Researches Liberia National Police Relationship with Civilians

The Governance Commission, GC, has completed a research on the “United Nations Training of the Liberia National Police: Effectiveness, Results and Future Implications”, implemented by the United Nations Mission in Liberia, UNMIL. The research takes a microscopic look at the relationship between the Liberian National Police and civilians in post conflict ...read more


President Sirleaf Launches National Curriculum on Citizenship Education

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Monday August 24, 2015 launched the National Curriculum on Citizenship Education for Grades One through Twelve at the Centennial Pavilion on Ashmun Street. The National Curriculum on Citizenship Education is a project of the Strategic Road Map for National Healing, Peace Building and Reconciliation

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Synergy (July Edition)

Justice Kabineh Ja’neh Highlights Pitfalls in Liberia’s Justice System

Many have, overtime, criticized Liberia’s Justice System sometimes describing it as weak, corrupt, unfair, and at time for sale to the highest bidder. The latest criticism comes from one of its own – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Bench, Kabineh Ja’neh.

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GC Galvanizes Efforts to Improve Interactions with Lawmakers

Overtime,the Governance Commission has been interacting with the Liberian Legislature in efforts to enhance understanding of the GC’s work and to galvanize support for the enactment of major bills that can only become laws with legislative approval. Since the beginning of the Legislative

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Synergy (May Edition)

Vice President Joseph Boakai Moderates GC’s Anti-Corruption Roundtable

Vice President Joseph Boakai recently moderated a high level Assessment Roundtable on Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Strategy organized by the Governance Commission. The Roundtable was to help provide a forum for public discussion on promoting integrity rather than merely fighting corruption in Liberia. Integrity is seen as cardinal inmoving Liberia forward. The Roundtable was held at the lo...read more

Synergy (April Edition)

Overview of National Constitution Conference in Gbarnga

The National Conference on Constitution Review was held at the Administrative Building from March 30-April 2, 2015 in Gbarnga Bong County. The Conference was organized by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC), in collaboration with the Law Reform Commission (LRC), and the Governance Commission (GC), and supported by the Government of Liberia and the United Nations Developme...read more


Governance Commission Hold Roundtable on Dual Citizenship

The Governance Commission, GC, (with support from UNDP and USAID) held a high level Roundtable on Dual Citizenship, an issue that continues to raise serious contention among Liberians both at home and those living within the diaspora. The Roundtable was held on March 13, 2015 at the Monrovia City Hall on the theme:“Dual Citizenship and the Constitution: Identifying th...read more


President Sirleaf launches National Deconcentration Platform

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Wednesday February 18, 2015 launched the National Deconcentration Platform in Salala Bong County. The program was graced by high level government officials including representatives of the National Legislature and Cabinet Ministers, the Doyen and members of the Diplomatic Corps, heads of national and international...read more


GC holds two high level Roundtables on Constitutional Issues

The Governance Commission recently organized two High-Level Policy Roundtables to look more closely into two major contentious Constitutional related issues. The two issues closely examined in the...read more

August Synergy 2014.

Dr. Jerry Brown Urges Liberians to be proactive in times of pending health emergencies

Dr. Jerry Brown of ELWA hospital observes that the Liberian Government and people were not proactive in the initial stage of Ebola because we knew and understood very little about the disease. He made the observation during a recent visit at the Governance Commission in Sinkor

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