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Implement the National Code of Conduct fully, Governance Commission insists.

The Governance Commission calls on the Government of Liberia to fully implement the National Code of Conduct.

The Commission reminds Public Officials and Employees of Government about their responsibility to adhere to the Code during the upcoming Senatorial midterm elections.  The GC cautions those desirous of serving in elected positions to commit to the peace, and adherence of the provisions of the National Code of Conduct of Liberia. The Commission also reminds the Office of the President to complete the establishment of the Office of the Ombudsman that must be responsible for the implementation of the National Code of Conduct. 

In a policy review statement issued today, the Commission notes, that Liberians have the opportunity to showcase democratic gains made over the years if we ably manage our elections and different transitions through practices that our laws dictate.

The National Code of Conduct passed into law by the Legislature and signed by the President in 2014  prohibits “all officials appointed by the President of the Republic of Liberia from engaging into political activities, canvassing, contesting for elected offices or using government facilities, equipment and resources in support of any partisan or political activities or serve on a campaign team of any political party or the campaign of an independent candidate.

The Commission is encouraging the full compliance to the Code of Conduct and public dialogues to stimulate discussions around political issues surrounding our election laws; holding constant the common agenda that prioritizes peace, unity and good governance.

Enshrined in the National Code of Conduct, are values in support of promoting good moral conduct, transparency during work hours as part of our good governance culture.

The full implementation of the National Code of Conduct is long overdue and must be adhere to during the pending midterm senatorial elections.


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