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Liberia’s Transformation Agenda Inseparable From That of the Africa

Governance Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Amos Sawyer says the success of Liberia’s Transformation depends on its transformation agenda being embedded within the overall transformation agenda of Africa, adding that “the story of Liberia’s transformation must be integrated and inseparable from that of the Continent.”

Since the past twelve (12) years, Liberia has embarked on a transformation journey from violent conflicts and economic underdevelopment to seeking to eliminate poverty incrementally, developing its human resources, adding value to its natural resources through industrialization, and building strong democratic, inclusive and responsive institutions.

The Liberian story is similar and inseparable to that of Africa that is equally transforming from violent conflicts and economic underdevelopment to a continent that is working to eliminate poverty, develop its human capacity, add value to its resources through industrialization, and the building of strong democratic inclusive institutions.

Dr. Sawyer maintained that though Liberia benefits greatly from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, “Liberia’s success in pursuing development will be sustainable if powered firstly by self-reliant approaches”, and  integrated within the development of our region, as stated in Security Council Resolution 2333 (2016).

Dr. Sawyer delivered the Keynote Address at the recent African Peer Review Mechanism’s 14th anniversary program and launch of the national sensitization campaign held at the Paynesville Town Hall on March 9, 2017. Liberia is committed to the APRM framework and process which framework is also in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Liberia is also obligated to ensure that her policies are properly aligned and harmonized within the APRM framework and implemented with integrity.

Dr. Sawyer urged Liberia’s National Governing Council of the APRM to consider holding a special sensitization roundtable with senior leaders and candidates of political parties, including their standard bearers to update them about the APRM and Liberia’s obligations under the APRM.

He said adherence to the APRM’s governance requirements will assist greatly in ensuring a smooth transition:  out-going officials of both the Executive and House of Representatives whose terms have ended to prepare for change; that Public assets be preserved for the in-coming government; that professional staff be separated from political staff and placed within the civil service framework, and transition teams be set up; and that In-coming officials put themselves in a mode for dialogue, realizing that they may have ideas of what to do but do not have full information on policies, programs and resource constraints, among others.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf served as chief launcher of the APRM Sensitization Campaign Program. The Campaign aims at creating massive awareness about the APRM framework ahead of the conduct of the country’s Self-Assessment Study by the Technical Research Institute (TRI). The national sensitization campaign has already been held in each of Liberia’s fifteen counties creating awareness on the purpose and benefits of the APRM to ensure its ownership by the Liberian people. President Sirleaf formerly served as Chairperson of the APRM of the African Union forum of Head of States.

For his part, Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Boima Kamara, reiterated government’s commitment APRM. Eighteen out of the nine outreach and sensitization activities have been held in the 15 counties.  Minister Kamara maintained that the APRM will help Liberia evaluate its own performances.

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