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Muslim Community Celebrates Ramadan with GC

The Muslim Community on June 6, 2016 visited the Governance Commission as part of its Ramadan celebration. The group included senior Islamic clerics including Associate Justice Kabina Ja’neh, Commissioner Soko Sackor of the Constitution Reform Committee, CRC, two Lawmakers, and Imams, entrepreneurs and the National Mandingo Caucus among others.

Lofa County Representative Mariama Fofana noted that the group decided to celebrate this year’s Ramadam with Liberian peace advocates that have championed religious tolerance in Liberia over the years. Representative Fofana said Muslims and non-Muslims alike are particularly grateful to Dr. Amos Sawyer and the Governance Commission for championing religious tolerance in Liberia. She noted that God created diversity and stakeholders need to appreciate that “there is strength in diversity”.

The Muslim Community prayed fervently for unity among Liberians and sustainable peace in Liberia.

Responding Dr. Amos Sawyer thanked the Muslim Community for appreciating the works of the Commission adding “we are humble and gratified”.  Dr. Sawyer observed the diverse caliber of people “including the luminary Justice Ja’neh” that had taken off time to celebrate Ramadan – appreciating each other as humans.

Dr. Sawyer emphasized that we need a day like Ramadan to celebrate highlights of our achievements as a people, and how much we still need to do. In familiarizing the visitors with the work of GC, Dr. Sawyer said the Commission develops and make recommendations and strategy implementations to inform and address issues relating to governance; worked on building a platform for GOL/CSO partnership, and continues to work on issues relative to integrity, economic empowerment, security, decentralization and the building of a strong, united viable Liberian nation.

Dr. Sawyer commended the delegation for being resilient, despite all odds, and for making significant contributions to the Liberian economy. He concluded by introducing Commissioner Wesley Johnson who had just started his first day at work.

The visit of the Muslim community to GC was live on Truth Television and Radio based on directive from the proprietor Musa Bility.

Several others made statements during the visit to GC, thanking Dr. Sawyer and others for championing religious tolerance in Liberia.

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