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Governance Commission’s Chairman Dr. Amos C. Sawyer wants heads of Ministries, Agencies and Commissions to develop vested interest in both the job description catalogue and the performance management manual developed by the Civil Service Agency with support from USAID-GEMs to enhance the efficiency of their respective institutions.

At the launch of the Job Description Catalogue and the Performance Management Manual held at the Monrovia City Hall on May 20, 2016, Dr. Sawyer noted that the documents are essential tools in gaining protection and ensuring suitable career paths.

"That is how we ensure that our performance is recognized and compensated. And so, there is a vested interest from within the public sector documents from where we work".

 Dr. Sawyer launched the documents on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

According to Dr. Sawyer, Civil Service reform is not new to Liberia as this has been attempted in the past but the intrusion of what he described as “the patronage system” had been a hindrance in achieving the anticipated results. He observed that efforts need to be made to protect internal processes and procedures to ensure adherence to the two documents. Dr. Sawyer pointed out that as the country moves closer toward general and presidential elections in 2017, the tripod consisting of Governance Commission (GC), Civil Service Agency (CSA) and the Liberia Institute for Public Administration (LIPA), needs to strategize and come out with innovative messages that will get the buy-in and pledges of politicians and political parties so that they respect and abide by the reforms that are ongoing in public service.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Civil Service Agency Director General Dr. Puchu Bernard disclosed that a total of 3,500 job descriptions have been developed for all positions in Liberia’s public service and accordingly classified in accordance with the job description.

"We have begun to train, mentor and coach Human Resource Directors and created extensive awareness amongst Assistant Ministers and Deputy Ministers for full utilization and compliance with the documents".

Dr. Bernard noted that, while the job descriptions catalogue is a valuable aide to employees and their supervisors in clarifying out the roles and responsibilities of the positions, they are also useful for merit-based recruitment processes, employee training preference and development, as well as performance management.

In conclusion, CSA Director General Dr. Bernard emphasized that the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Medium Term Agenda for Transformation depend on creating a professional and highly motivated workforce that is responsive to public needs.

Dr. Bernard thanked President Sirleaf for her support to the CSA, stirring the affairs of the national development agenda, and introducing cross-cutting reforms aimed at delivering quality service and improving the lives of the Liberian people.

Also making remarks at the ceremony was USAID Mission Director Dr. Anthony Chen. Dr Chen says a professional civil service is indispensible to ensuring that the citizenry enjoys the benefits of living in a modernized society.

"It is at the center of providing the public the social services that are essential to ensuring that the State performs its end of the social contract".

According to Dr. Chen, USAID views good governance as the hallmark on which developments such as good policy making, efficient public service delivery and use of public resources and accountability are built.

"Only when we have good governance can we then build the foundation for sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The overriding objective has been to put in place systems, processes and institutions such as the Liberian civil service to ensure public sector accountability, transparency and efficiencies that are essential to good governance".

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