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GC holds Stakeholder Forum on AGR Instruments

The Governance Commission held a one day Stakeholders’ Forum on the methodology prescribed by the Commission on its soon to release latest Annual Governance Report (AGR) on Emerging Illicit Substance Abuse for 2021.

The Tuesday, January 12th meeting was the first of several consultations expected to take place between the Commission and its partners at the preparatory state and to acquaint stakeholders with their roles in conducting the research on the government assessment program for the year 2020/2021 which will cover the Emerging Illicit Substance Abuse crises.  

The meeting purposely reviewed the instrument on information gathering that includes the questionnaire prepared to be presented to the public, particularly with those institutions that are directly involved in the administration of drugs services, law enforcement in the policing of drugs abuses and rehabilitation. The government assessment program for the year 2020/2021 will cover the Emerging Illicit Substance Abuse which have become a critical subject matter.

Making the opening remarks, the program manager of the Monitoring, Evaluation Research and Publication (MERP), Mr. McNeal Wilson reminded stakeholder about the importance of the annual governance assessment program and praised stakeholders and partners for taking off their time to come and contribute to the fine turning of the assessment instrument.

Speaking at the forum, Atty. Martin M. Tumoe of the LDEA expressed optimism on his agency willingness to cooperate by providing all necessary information that necessitates the research project. He informed stakeholders about the many challenges faced by the law enforcers and highlighted community support as critical in enhancing community policing.

He also want government to discourage every forms of interference in the administration of justice. Particularly on when arrest are made and turn over to the court. He call for commitments on the part of the judiciary process and also the rehabilitation process.

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